JulieJEWELES is a public health professional, working in epidemiology and public health surveillance for a public health agency in the United States.

JulieJEWELES received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida. Also, she earned a Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree from Tulane University, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine. JulieJEWELES is currently working on her DrPH degree at the same graduate school institution.

Public Health is a vast field, but JulieJEWELES has found her passions in promoting food allergies awareness, physical activity, culinary medicine, and overall wellness.

JulieJEWELES lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and young daughter, who has food allergies to cow’s milk (dairy), eggs, peanuts, most treenuts (except coconuts), and seafood. Her daughter is JulieJEWELES‘ inspiration for the FeastWithFoodAllergies site. You can read here how she learned that her daughter had food allergies.