End of Summer 2022

We had a lot to celebrate this week! It was Little Miss’s half birthday and I still cannot believe she is now 4.5 years old! Time is flying and I selfishly want her to stay this little!

This summer, Little Miss completed her first summer of ballet and tap classes (4 weeks). She loved it and I have signed her up for this upcoming fall/spring classes. She will be part of the spring dance recital next year. I am glad she found something she really liked doing. She’s tried swim classes and gymnastics. Little Miss finished almost a year of swim classes so I believe she is confident to survive in the water. Unfortunately, times and days for gymnastics did not work with our schedules, but hopefully next summer it will! So Little Miss will just stay active after school with ballet and tap classes.

Also, it has been 4 weeks ago since it has been approved for her age group to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This week Little Miss received her second dose and she seems to have tolerated the vaccine series pretty well without any major side effects. The only thing we noticed is that she didn’t want to go to bed at the usual time at the night of the vaccination. Also, she has only experienced slight pain at the injection site.

Our household is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19!

We look forward to this fall season to watch Little Miss grow taller and wiser each day!


Easter Treats

Happy Easter!

This year’s Easter celebration seemed to come fast this year (or we have just been so busy with life). Thankfully when I was doing our weekly grocery run at our local Trader Joe’s yesterday there were plenty of vegan, dairy-free, nuts-free, seafood-free, and egg-free goodies to purchase for my daughter.

For my daughter’s Easter basket, I bought the Oat Chocolate Bars and the Spring Gummies. When I was at the Trader Joe’s checkout, the cashier asked me if I ever had the Spring Gummies because they were her favorite and reminded her of the Mott’s flavored fruit gummies. I replied that I have not had these Trader joe’s gummies, but my daughter enjoys the Mott’s gummies so I was happy that she will like these too. Also, my daughter rotates her plant-based milks with oat milk, so I was excited when I saw these oat chocolate bars!

Here are the ingredients for the Spring Gummies and Oat Chocolate bars:








Overall, this year’s Easter basket was a hit with the allergy-friendly treats! I also added a kid-friendly, non-toxic Disney Princess nail polishes set…..I cannot believe how my 4 year old princess is growing up so fast!

Happy Easter, everyone!

St. Patrick’s Day treats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s time to get the green sugar sprinkles out for cookie decor!

I used the delicious @sweetlorens sugar cookies again this year to make Little Miss’ #allergyfriendly cookies so she can have cookies with her classmates. 🍪 #inclusionmatters  And I topped the cookies with Duncan Hines vegan cream cheese frosting underneath the green sugar sprinkles.

 I tried to get creative with the green sugar sprinkles, but find the cookie loaded with sugar sprinkles (on your right in the middle of the picture below)…..yeah that was a failed attempt for trying to make a shamrock out of the green sugar sprinkles!

Overall, it was fun making these St. Patrick’s Day cookies for my daughter!

I am assigned to bring cheese puffs for Little Miss’s  class. Good thing Hippeas has a yummy vegan version of  these cheese puffs favorites!

And here’s a pic of Little Miss enjoying a cookie after school!

If you are not wear green, *Pinch! Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Valentine’s Day treats

Who else spent some of their weekend doing Valentine’s Day preparation for the Monday holiday? 

For Little Miss’ classmate, we put the yummy @YumEarth organic Vitamin C pops in super cute @Disney Valentine’s Day cards.

Then, we constructed her Valentines box, repurposing my husband’s Nike sneaker box and cutting out different sizes of heart to place on the box with heart stickers.

On Sunday, we baked delicious heart-shaped sugar cookies by @SweetLorens and topped them with my daughter’s favorite @RealDuncanHines cream cheese frosting  (It’s dairy-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly) and red sugar sprinkles.

Overall, it was a very productive weekend in preparation for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Chef Mickey’s, Disney World @ Orlando, FL

The last time we went to Chef Mickey’s was in 2020 for my daughter’s second birthday, right before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Two years later, we are back and the character brunch was definitely different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, there is no more brunch buffet at Chef Mickey’s and the food is served family style. However, we were still able to order directly from the chef for my daughter’s allergy-friendly meal.

The above menu lists the allergy-friendly and not-allergy-friendly dishes that came out in family style portions.

Here are pictures of the not-allergy-friendly dishes that were brought to the table to share family-style:

 The chef came out to discuss the menu and I ordered my daughter the allergy-friendly Mickey waffles, tofu & plant-based scrambled eggs, and bacon.
And the chef brought out a special birthday platter with allergy-friendly cookies and cupcake topped with lit The Little Mermaid piece (to match my daughter’s Ariel dress).My daughter requested more bacon and Little Miss was given a big plate of crispy bacon, which she finished!

As we ate the delicious family meal, we enjoyed the ongoing visits from the Disney character chefs who posed at each table.

Overall, we had a delicious and magical time at this charactering dining place.

Have you attended a Disney Character Brunch during the pandemic?

Tony’s Town Square at Magic Kingdom, Disney World @ Orlando, FL

Over the weekend, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday at the Magic Kingdom, which is our annual trip to Disney World! 

Yes, I was so nervous going to Disney World again during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic because of knowledge of the variants are keeping me busy at work and Little Miss’ age group hasn’t been approved for vaccination yet.

But we did our best again this year- we wore masks in crowded areas and during indoor rides, wiped down our hands & arms after every indoor ride and before/after meals, and social distanced when we could. Also, my husband and I are fully vaccinated and boosted!

I also noticed that Disney took precautions as well. I observed that the Disney Cast Members made sure everyone wore a mask in the indoor rides (they wouldn’t let the boats continue the ride if people were not wearing their masks). Also, the number of people were limited in crowded areas (i.e. the stretching room at the Haunted Mansion). We were still able to ride all our favorite Disney rides!

Last year, we ate at two places in the Magic Kingdom park. Check out the blog posts from last year’s visit- Lunch @ Crystal Palace and Dinner @ Be Our Guest.

This year, we enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch at Tony’s Town Square. We were seated outside and we were able to enjoy the passing parades while we ate, and waved back at the Disney characters at the nearby balcony.

The chef came out to take my daughter’s allergy-friendly order: spaghetti and turkey meatballs with a side of broccolini.

The chef also brought us some allergy-friendly bread (see above left plate) with our not-allergy-friendly bread (on right).


My husband and I enjoyed an appetizer of fried mozzarella (and beer), a tasty Tour of Italy trio platter, and a yummy sausage pizza.

And the chef offered Little Miss a bowl of yummy chocolate Tofutti ice cream for dessert.

Overall, dining at this Disney restaurant was magical! The food was delicious and we had perfect outdoor seats.

Afterwards, we went next door to visit Mickey at his Meet & Greet in Town Square.

We had another magical time celebrating Little Miss’s birthday at Disney World this year!


Have you eaten at a restaurant in Disney World during the ongoing pandemic?


Magic Kingdom at Disney World @ Orlando, FL

Our favorite go-to and allergy-friendly snacks at Magic Kingdom, Disney World include:

Pineapple Dole Whip Float @ Aloha Isle


Raspberry and Pineapple Swirl Dole Whip float @ Aloha Isle


Mickey Pretzel at the snack cart near the Dumbo Ride

Popcorn in a Disney popcorn bucket  (Pictured here is the 50th Anniversary Mickey bucket)

Have you tried any of these yummy snacks at Disney?

I won! YumEarth x Abe’s Giveaway

Last month I entered the YumEarth x Abe’s Giveaway on the @YumEarth and @abesmuffins Instagram pages.

When I received a DM a few days later following my entry, I was so excited to learn that I won! @YumEarth and @abesmuffins are a few of my favorite vegan and allergy-friendly companies. I absolutely love their products and share them with my daughter who enjoys the muffins, new brownies, lollipops, and Giggles.

The giveaway package arrived right before Christmas; however, I physically received them early in the New Year since we were traveling for the Christmas and New Year holidays

. The two boxes were full of yummy goodies:

It was a lot more of goodies I expected in the giveaway, so a BIG THANK YOU to YumEarth and Abe’s Muffins. My daughter and I are enjoying all the goodies!




Yummy Christmas Candy

What is your favorite Christmas candy?

Mine is the classic candy cane. And when I found these @YumEarth candy canes, I was so excited to share my favorite holiday candy with my daughter.

She is still getting used to hard candy, but I do not have to worry about any food allergy reactions with these candy canes.

Have you tried the YumEarth candy canes?

Halloween Goodies 2021

   It’s almost Halloween and we are ready with the allergy-friendly candy: @YumEarth lollipops and candy corn & @EnjoyLifeFoods  assorted chocolate!

The Halloween @YumEarth lollipops will be distributed to my daughter’s PreK class for their “Fall Party”. And, I am so excited about the candy corns since they usually have egg whites, but now these allergy-friendly ones do not! Candy corns are my favorite Halloween candies, so now I can share them with my daughter! I bought these @YumEarth goodies from Whole Foods. Make sure to scan your QR code if you are shopping there in person and a Prime member!

I also ordered these @EnjoyLifeFoods assorted chocolates from Amazon! Mine and my daughter’s fave is the Rice Milk Crunch bar! 

What goodies will you be passing out this Halloween?