Birthday at Disney World

This past weekend we celebrated early Little Miss’ 6th birthday on our annual Disney trip. This year we spent it at @waltdisneyworld in Florida and it was nice to be back since we were at Disneyland, CA twice last year! 🤪 We enjoyed meals at two restaurants at the park and all the yummy Disney snacks.
Here is the link to the IG reel
Overall, it was a wonderful visit again at the #MostMagicalPlaceOnEarth
Shout out to the wonderful @disneyphotopass photographers! We loved all the Memory Maker pictures! 📸 #DisneyPhotoPass


2023 Christmas at Disney World

Last weekend before Christmas, we were able to spend a day being “Disney tourists”, even though I grew up in FL, my family would visit the Disney World parks countless times over the years, and my parents’ home is super close to the DW parks! Here is the IG reel
It was a wonderful day at Disney World!
We hope your family is enjoying the holidays! 🎄🎅🏼🎆
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Filipino American History Month

It’s #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth 🇵🇭🇺🇸
When we were in Los Angeles during the last week in September 2023, we were bummed that we were going to miss all the yummy Filipino flavors that are now at @wanderlustcreamery for #FAHM in October.

This yummy ice cream spot is one of our favorites in Southern California! The ice cream flavors are inspired by the owners’ travels. Also, this creamery usually serves allergy-friendly and vegan flavors, in which my daughter’s favorite is the Vegan Malted Ube! 💜 Here is the IG reel

At every location, Little Miss enjoyed the cute vegan sprinkles that came with her order, which was not a kid size 🤪 but a regular scoop because she loves their ube ice cream so much! 💜
Thanks @wanderlustcreamery for making a dairy-free, nut-free, and classic Filipino flavor that my daughter can enjoy! Maraming salamat! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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We went to Disneyland (again)!

Last week we went to Disneyland (again)! 🙋🏻‍♀️
It’s the third time for Little Miss and my husband.
This year we have made two trips to Southern California, but this time we were there for Little Miss’ Fall Break, to celebrate my birthday and wedding anniversary, and to see family. It was also a good break to leave town after my father’s passing.🦋So what better time to spend a day at the “Happiest Place On Earth”!

Here is the link to the IG reel.
Little Miss was dressed as Mulan, daddy as Mushu, and I was a “Mulan fan” (see my shirt!) 🤪

We started the fun day off with a delicious brunch at the Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland’s Grand Californian. Little Miss enjoyed her chef delivered allergy-friendly breakfast, the adults enjoyed the buffet, and Little Miss was reunited with her favorite Disney characters.
Growing up in FL and going to Disney World many times, I personally prefer Disneyland because it’s smaller and we can ride many rides. This visit we had Genie+ and it helped us schedule times to ride The Haunted Mansion Holiday Experience (our favorite ride during the Halloween season) and It’s A Small World, with both rides having no wait! We rode a total of 8 rides on this Disneyland trip!
And, we enjoyed our favorite Disney snacks (Dole Whip float, buckets of popcorn, churros, and a Mickey pretzel) at the park. 😋
As usual, we had a great time at the Happiest Place On Earth, for the second time this year!

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An Easy School Lunch: Pizza Crescent Rolls

We made pizza crescent rolls a few weeks ago for Little Miss’ school lunches. 🍕

For these pizza crescent rolls, I used leftover spaghetti sauce, Trader Joe’s organic crescent rolls, vegan cheese, and @applegate beef & pork pepperoni. 🍕

Here is the IG reel
Little Miss only has a few minutes for lunch and snack time like an hour before lunch, so I have been packing less food for her! 😋
But these pizza crescent rolls are great, to provide Little Miss a yummy lunch! 🍕#feastwithfoodallergies

“Wet Egg” Food Allergy Challenge

Guess who successfully completed her “wet egg” food allergy challenge? 

The night before the food allergy challenge, I prepared two French toasts separately and placed them in two separate containers (1 bread soaked in 1 scrambled egg mixture per container). I also made 2 scrambled eggs (1 egg per container so each scrambled egg was prepared separately), as per the allergist directions.

Before we started the food allergy challenge, the allergist asked if we should go straight to the scrambled eggs or start with diluted egg via French toast. If you know me personally, you know I am very optimistic so I was like “let’s go for straight egg and see how she does”. I personally had a feeling that Little Miss was ready because she passed her baked egg challenge during summer 2021, and we have been giving her baked egg cakes and egg noodles since!

After each round of eating the cup of eggs, the nurse took down my daughter’s blood pressure and evaluated her for any rashes and asked Little Miss if she felt itchy.

Round 1: 1 g scrambled egg
Round 2: 3 g
Round 3: 6 g
Round 4: 12 g
Round 5: 24 g
Final Round 6: 45g

Little Miss ate a total of 91g of scrambled eggs, which is equivalent to two eggs!

Little Miss did eggs-cellent 😉 and she kept eating all the challenge servings without hesitation. Little Miss even kept asking for more scrambled eggs (with ketchup!) 🤣 Once she completed the six challenge rounds, we waited for 1.5 hours in the clinic room for observation and she still had no reactions following the scrambled egg (wet egg) challenge! 🎉

Since passing her egg food allergy challenge, Little Miss has been enjoying her scrambled eggs and French toast (made with fresh eggs & vegan butter ☺️).
Next summer, the allergist said we can try baked milk so we are looking forward to that! 🙏🏼 In the mean time, keep coming back to this blog for updates! 🥚👏🏼 #ByeEggAllergy  Also, check out the reel for this blog post!

To all the food allergy moms, keep being strong! One day your baby will outgrow the food allergies. And, all of the persistence and dedication will be worth it. Keep doing you!