Vegan Baked Goods – Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL

Whenever we are in Florida, I always try to go to the Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs . My parents live nearby (like less than 10 minutes without traffic!) and I always enjoy going to Disney Springs, even when I was attending college at UCF and it was called “Downtown Disney” back then!

Since it was Christmas Eve, we decided to venture to Disney Springs to see the Christmas trees and lights.

And of course to go to the vegan bakery!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a vegan and gluten-free bakery, in which the only nuts they use in their yummy baked goods is coconut. So if you have a tree nut allergy, please be aware of this.

Since there was a wait for going into the bakery due to COVID-19 precautions, I was able to decide on which yummy vegan treats I was going to order for my daughter.

It’s hard to leave the store without buying everything, so I told myself that my limit is 3 items for that visit.

And before I was able to get a bite, my daughter was already enjoying the ice cream sandwich, which had yummy coconut ice cream between two delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Also, I ordered my daughter a cinnamon sugar donut (for next day’s breakfast) and a vanilla cupcake for an anytime dessert!

My daughter loves the treats here and so even though the baked goods are pricey, just seeing my daughter smile and enjoy something allergy-free from this bakery is totally worth it!

From My Family To Yours- We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

And as we go into a new year, please be safe!

Hot Chocolate Cookies – Vegan & Allergy Friendly

It’s Christmas in 3 days and I was feeling festive when I googled “vegan hot chocolate cookies.” I wanted my toddler to enjoy the season, even though this week she is at home (her preschool is closed this week due to the holidays) and I have been working non-stop!

So when I googled “vegan hot chocolate cookies”, I found Purely Kaylie’s  delicious recipe. And the end product was delicious and did not take very long to make! I did have to modify recipe: I only used 1 cup of sugar and no vanilla extract since I didn’t have any. Also, I had miniature marshallows, so the cookies looked different from the  recipe blog post.

I even added some crushed candy cane dust in my second batch to add more color and flavor to the cookies!

Overall, the cookies turned out delicious and the recipe was easy to follow in less time!


Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting

This weekend I was so happy when I was at Publix! It was BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) for the Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings.


As a food allergy mom, I always check labels and try to find brands that are allergy-safe for my daughter who has various food allergies. Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings have been a life saver for me since my daughter has had the taste of an allergy-friendly cake and now has a sweet tooth, like her mommy!

And my daughter occasionally asks for “cake cake” and wants to help mommy make the cupcakes.

Also, since she is one of the few kids in her preschool class who has food allergies, I am allowed to bake and bring a cupcake for her when they have a party, i.e. holiday pajama party last Friday before her holiday break this week.

So, it is always convenient to have the Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting on hand.

A few of our favorite cake mix flavors include: Pineapple Supreme, Strawberry Supreme, and Confetti. And favorite frostings include: Creamy Vanilla and Cream Cheese.

But always make sure to check the labels because ingredients for brands can change!

Check out a recipe blog I wrote back in September when I made vegan pineapple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!



Allergy-friendly Organic Candy Canes

I finally found them!

Organic Candy Canes by YumEarth

And they were on sale this weekend at Sprouts from $6 to about $3! I bought the last two boxes.

And when I arrived home, my daughter saw them and wanted to try one.

Of course she didn’t finish the whole cane, but I am happy she was able to taste one, without worrying about her allergies. These candy canes are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, organic & non-GMO, and manufactured & packaged in a peanut & tree nut FREE facility. And the candy canes are made without: soy, egg, dairy, fish, shellfish, peanuts or tree nuts, artificial dyes, and NO high fructose corn syrup!

Candy canes are usually my favorite treats during the Christmas holiday, so I am so happy my Little Miss tasted one this year! Maybe later we will try the candy canes in hot chocolate….

What is one of your favorite holiday treats to share with others?

Thanksgiving 2020 recipes: Fresh Pear & Calamansi vinaigrette and Homemade Sweet Potatoes Casserole

For the Thanksgiving holiday this year, my brother and I made our traditional American Thanksgiving lunch at our parents’ home in Central Florida.

I made a fresh green salad with fresh pear strips and calamansi (Filipino tiny oranges) vinaigrette,  vegan cornbread stuffing (see the product post) and vegan sweet potato casserole (see the recipe below). And my brother cooked an organic turkey and lechon kawali (Filipino fried pork belly). 

For the salad dressing vinaigrette, I just mixed some of the freshly squeezed calamansi juice (about a 1/3 cup) with 1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil, and salt to taste. I made sure to add and mix in the freshly sliced pears to the dressing mixture to add some sweetness to the vinaigrette. Also, I made sure the pear pieces were coated with the vinaigrette. Then I tossed the bagged salad mix with the vinaigrette dressing.

The vegan sweet potato casserole was easy to make. I boiled about 5 large sweet potatoes and took off the skins. Then, I combined the mashed sweet potatoes with oatmilk (my favorite brand of oat milk is by Pacific Foods) and 2 tbsp vegan butter (I prefer to use the Earth Balance brand vegan butter sticks). Then, I top the casserole with the Trader Joe’s mini marshmallows. And right before we sat down for lunch, I broiled the top of the casserole for the yummy melted marshmallow goodness.

Overall, we had a delicious Thanksgiving lunch this year!

Trader Joe’s Cornbread Stuffing & Mini Marshmallows


My brother and I usually cook the Thanksgiving lunch at my parents’ home in Florida. This year I used the Cornbread Stuffing mix and mini marshmallows from Trader Joe’s. Both products are vegan, so my daughter was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving side dishes with my family and I. 

I used the mini marshmallows  to top the sweet potato casserole. You can find the recipe for the sweet potato casserole on the recipes page of this blog. The cornbread stuffing box recipe was easy to follow, too. Both products from Trader Joe’s were delicious as always!

Happy Thanksgiving!

For the Thanksgiving holiday this year, my brother and I made our traditional American Thanksgiving lunch at our parents’ home in Central Florida.

I made a fresh green salad with fresh pear strips and calamansi (Filipino tiny oranges) vinaigrette, vegan cornbread stuffing (see the product post) and vegan sweet potato casserole (see recipe post). And my brother cooked an organic turkey and lechon kawali (Filipino fried pork belly). All dishes were safe for my daughter with food allergies, minus the desserts. She actually had a yummy slice of a vegan gingerbread loaf for her dessert.

Then, the next day my family went to my in-laws’ house, which is about an hour away. 

This feast was not all allergy-friendly, so I had to make sure my daughter didn’t grab something she shouldn’t eat. But, her grandmother is well aware of this, so she made my daughter’s favorites: homemade Filipino eggrolls (no eggs though in the wrapper), Filipino pancit (noodles), white rice, and sweet potato casserole. Also, our uncle made coconut milk-based desserts which she also enjoyed.

Overall, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in Florida this year as always. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well!


Chocolate Chip Waffles for Halloween

It’s another Minnie Mouse Waffle Saturdays over here and it’s Halloween today! We cannot get enough of the Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle mixes . This time I am making Minnie Mouse waffles with the Birch Blenders chocolate chip pancake & waffle mix. 

My daughter loved the chocolate chip waffles!

As mentioned in a previous post, this and the Organic Classic pancake & waffle mixes can be considered as vegan and are allergy-friendly to dairy, eggs, and peanuts allergies. All you do is add water and oil to these mixes.

Remember to always check the labels for allergens. Some of the Birch Benders pancake & waffle mixes do contain milk, eggs, and nuts, like the protein & paleo mixes.

Buzzing for Organic Honey

Thanks to Nature Nate’s for sending me a sweet box* of their #organic honey minis!

Before I became a a #NatureNates #HoneyBeeAmbassador for 2020, I was disappointed with the honey they had at the local grocery store. But I decided to try Nature Nate’s organic honey one day and it has been the only honey I buy now! You can tell the cleanness and purity of Nature Nate’s honey. Even though I prefer the organic honey, the non-organic honey is pretty tasty too!

*I received this box of FREE honey minis as a Nature Nate’s Honey Bee Ambassador for 2020 to share the sweet honey love!

Vegan Asian Dessert, Khao Lod Song – Snackboxe Bistro in Atlanta, GA

Today, my daughter tried fresh khao lod song, which is an Asian dessert from the Laotian street food spot in Atlanta called Snackboxe Bistro.


According to a quick google search, the dessert contains “delicious vibrant worm shaped food is made out of rice flour and pandan. The green glowing dessert is drenched in salted coconut milk and caramelized syrup.”

Snackboxe Bistro informed me that most of their desserts are vegan, in which they use a lot of coconut milk. Check them out if you want to try some delicious vegan desserts from Laos!