Birthday at Disney World

This past weekend we celebrated early Little Miss’ 6th birthday on our annual Disney trip. This year we spent it at @waltdisneyworld in Florida and it was nice to be back since we were at Disneyland, CA twice last year! πŸ€ͺ We enjoyed meals at two restaurants at the park and all the yummy Disney snacks.
Here is the link to the IG reel
Overall, it was a wonderful visit again at the #MostMagicalPlaceOnEarth
Shout out to the wonderful @disneyphotopass photographers! We loved all the Memory Maker pictures! πŸ“Έ #DisneyPhotoPass


“Wet Egg” Food Allergy Challenge

Guess who successfully completed her “wet egg” food allergy challenge? 

The night before the food allergy challenge, I prepared two French toasts separately and placed them in two separate containers (1 bread soaked in 1 scrambled egg mixture per container). I also made 2 scrambled eggs (1 egg per container so each scrambled egg was prepared separately), as per the allergist directions.

Before we started the food allergy challenge, the allergist asked if we should go straight to the scrambled eggs or start with diluted egg via French toast. If you know me personally, you know I am very optimistic so I was like β€œlet’s go for straight egg and see how she does”. I personally had a feeling that Little Miss was ready because she passed her baked egg challenge during summer 2021, and we have been giving her baked egg cakes and egg noodles since!

After each round of eating the cup of eggs, the nurse took down my daughter’s blood pressure and evaluated her for any rashes and asked Little Miss if she felt itchy.

Round 1: 1 g scrambled egg
Round 2: 3 g
Round 3: 6 g
Round 4: 12 g
Round 5: 24 g
Final Round 6: 45g

Little Miss ate a total of 91g of scrambled eggs, which is equivalent to two eggs!

Little Miss did eggs-cellent πŸ˜‰ and she kept eating all the challenge servings without hesitation. Little Miss even kept asking for more scrambled eggs (with ketchup!) 🀣 Once she completed the six challenge rounds, we waited for 1.5 hours in the clinic room for observation and she still had no reactions following the scrambled egg (wet egg) challenge! πŸŽ‰

Since passing her egg food allergy challenge, Little Miss has been enjoying her scrambled eggs and French toast (made with fresh eggs & vegan butter ☺️).
Next summer, the allergist said we can try baked milk so we are looking forward to that! πŸ™πŸΌ In the mean time, keep coming back to this blog for updates! πŸ₯šπŸ‘πŸΌ #ByeEggAllergy  Also, check out the reel for this blog post!

To all the food allergy moms, keep being strong! One day your baby will outgrow the food allergies. And, all of the persistence and dedication will be worth it. Keep doing you! 



Preschool Graduation

Congratulations to all the 2023 graduates! πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸŽ“

You can view more pictures on Instagram!

Little Miss graduated from PreK last night and we are so proud of her and her school friends who performed the super cute production at the graduation ceremony! Little Miss has been attending the preschool since she was 19 months old. And the school staff has provided great care for her, especially making special lunches and snacks due to her food allergies! Thank you to the school and staff! 🫢🏼
Stay tuned for more posts regarding allergy-friendly meals and snacks, since I will making them when my daughter starts Kindergarten in the Fall! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Little Miss Is 5 years old!

This weekend we celebrated our daughter’s πŸ‘‹πŸΌ birthday! And at school, she had a mini bday party during snack time with her PreK friends!
Since we were in CA in the prior week, Little Miss opted to stay home for her birthday over the weekend. We honored her requests for a homemade taco bar for lunch and @make_it_ranis β€˜s yummy spaghetti for dinner. I also made her favorite strawberry cupcakes with β€œcream cheese” frosting. Everything was allergy friendly for her, too! I also bought a vegan chocolate cake with a candle since Little Miss has been asking for a store-bought cake…I want to say that she does not want me to make her a cake, but I really know that she wanted her own store bought birthday cake like her friends get for their bdays. πŸ₯Ή I am relieved to know that @rubiconbakers cakes are vegan and safe for Little Miss, so I got the cake from @sprouts πŸŽ‚
For Little Miss’ school party, I packed her allergy friendly strawberry cupcake, while I brought mini cupcakes for the class. We also provided organic @sunberryfarms juice boxes and veggie straws from @traderjoes  We packed Minnie Mouse goodie bags for her preK friends, which each bag contained Disney character twist straws, pop-it keychains, bendable straws, and strawberry @madegoodfoods crispy squares. πŸ˜‹

Check out the reel for this post!
Overall, Little Miss enjoyed all of her birthday celebrations this year! Stay tuned for a reel from her early party at Disneyland last week.
Time is definitely flying and Little Miss is growing up so fast!

Hawaii Travel

In September 2022, we spent our vacation time traveling to two Hawaiian islands and had two layovers in California. Overall, we had a great time! It was exciting to experience a new Hawaiian Island with Little Miss (we already went to Oahu and Maui before Little Miss was born). And to our great surprise we did not have any allergic reactions! We were pretty careful and I always made sure to read all the ingredient labels and ask the chef/servers about food ingredients. And we mentioned our daughter’s food allergies.

Below are links to our Instagram reels from our Hawaii and California travels. We cannot wait to go back to Hawaii and visit a new island, and hopefully go back to Oahu and Big Island again!

Link to Big Island trip

Link to Oahu trip

Link to Layovers in California

End of Summer 2022

We had a lot to celebrate this week! It was Little Miss’s half birthday and I still cannot believe she is now 4.5 years old! Time is flying and I selfishly want her to stay this little!

This summer, Little Miss completed her first summer of ballet and tap classes (4 weeks). She loved it and I have signed her up for this upcoming fall/spring classes. She will be part of the spring dance recital next year. I am glad she found something she really liked doing. She’s tried swim classes and gymnastics. Little Miss finished almost a year of swim classes so I believe she is confident to survive in the water. Unfortunately, times and days for gymnastics did not work with our schedules, but hopefully next summer it will! So Little Miss will just stay active after school with ballet and tap classes.

Also, it has been 4 weeks ago since it has been approved for her age group to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This week Little Miss received her second dose and she seems to have tolerated the vaccine series pretty well without any major side effects. The only thing we noticed is that she didn’t want to go to bed at the usual time at the night of the vaccination. Also, she has only experienced slight pain at the injection site.

Our household is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19!

We look forward to this fall season to watch Little Miss grow taller and wiser each day!


Baked Egg Challenge

This week we went back to the allergist, after my daughter had her 6 months food allergies follow-up appointment last month. At that visit, it was determined by the blood test that my daughter would be able to have a baked egg challenge. Also determined by the blood and skin tests, she is still highly allergic to cow’s milk, all nuts (except coconuts), and seafood (however, she is able to eat shrimp, but still gets itchy and redness).

I was very happy that we qualified for the baked egg challenge. And it was fun to bake the allergist’s “Baked Egg Challenge muffins”. The recipe yielded 6 muffins, but I ended up making 7 muffins even though I filled each muffin cup with batter. Before the challenge, the allergist commented that they looked so fluffy and moist!

It was interesting to me that the recipe called for corn oil. I think that attributed to the moistness of the muffins and also taste similar to cornbread. In this receipt, it called for 2 eggs. I made sure I measured everything precisely so that my daughter’s challenge will go well the next day! 

We arrived a few minutes before our 8:30am appointment and I made sure we brought my daughter’s tablet, coloring books, and crayons. I told it was going to be about a 4 hour appointment so I wanted to make sure my daughter would be entertained during the challenge.

 The challenge started promptly on time and my daughter did well after eating a 1/8 piece of the muffin. Then, a 1/4 of the muffin. And then, a 1/2 of a muffin.

And then, she was given one whole muffin, which we cut into 1/4 pieces so she can easily eat it.

My daughter ate almost 1/4 of the whole muffin, but then started getting irritated, itchy, and red on her face and her arms. The allergist examined her and said that she did great! The goal of the challenge was to eat 2 whole muffins and my daughter ate about 1.5 muffins, which is her tolerance for baked egg.

 To soothe the redness and irritation, the allergist gave my daughter some Benadryl and Zyrtec. She even applied some vanicream on the redness spots on my daughter.

Then, we waited for another hour in the office to make sure my daughter did not have any other reactions.

I was pleased at the end of the baked egg challenge. Now, I make sure to give my daughter at least 1 whole muffin a day, just so she is exposed to baked egg. And in 6 months when she gets her blood and skin tested again for food allergies, she will hopefully not have an egg allergy anymore!

After the challenge I tasted the muffins and they actually tasted really delicious. Don’t worry! I plan to share the recipe in a future recipe post. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

For the Thanksgiving holiday this year, my brother and I made our traditional American Thanksgiving lunch at our parents’ home in Central Florida.

I made a fresh green salad with fresh pear strips and calamansi (Filipino tiny oranges) vinaigrette, vegan cornbread stuffing (see the product post) and vegan sweet potato casserole (see recipe post). And my brother cooked an organic turkey and lechon kawali (Filipino fried pork belly). All dishes were safe for my daughter with food allergies, minus the desserts. She actually had a yummy slice of a vegan gingerbread loaf for her dessert.

Then, the next day my family went to my in-laws’ house, which is about an hour away. 

This feast was not all allergy-friendly, so I had to make sure my daughter didn’t grab something she shouldn’t eat. But, her grandmother is well aware of this, so she made my daughter’s favorites: homemade Filipino eggrolls (no eggs though in the wrapper), Filipino pancit (noodles), white rice, and sweet potato casserole. Also, our uncle made coconut milk-based desserts which she also enjoyed.

Overall, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in Florida this year as always. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well!