Birthday Brunch – Chef Mickey’s @ Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL

Last year on Saturday, 1/18/2020, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday at Chef Mickey!

Disney property dining is well known amongst the food allergy community for their food allergy safety and excellent service. When you go to a Disney dining location, you are recommended to speak to the chef and he/she will come to your table and discuss the specific food allergies.

We did just that and we were thrilled not to have to worry about our daughter having a food allergy reaction at brunch! The chef at Chef Mickey’s that day really made sure that our daughter’s food allergies would not be a problem. She was served delicious dairy-free and egg-free Mickey shaped waffles, sausage, and fruit, while my husband, mom, and I enjoyed the brunch buffet.

And for at the end of the brunch, she enjoyed allergy-friendly cupcakes and cookies!

Overall, it was an excellent experience! And I cannot wait to do it again

Unfortunately, I am sad that this year when we go to Disney World to celebrate her 3rd birthday that we won’t be going to a Character Breakfast. Yes, it is because the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, but I am please that Disney is protecting us and keeping us safe.

We are actually going to Disney World this weekend, while they are at 35% capacity. And we do have lunch and dinner reservations at two restaurants at the Magic Kingdom park, so stay tuned for those blog posts!

Vegan Ice Cream – The Greenery Creamery in Orlando, FL

Another place we visited while we were in Orlando for Christmas was The Greenery Creamery.

I have  been wanting to come here since I started following this unique ice cream shop on Instagram and Facebook. The spot offers both regular and vegan ice cream with many yummy flavors to choose from!

Non-vegan flavors on the right and vegan ones on the left shown in this video:


Three out of these four are vegan!

Left to right: vegan cookies & cream milkshake, classic vegan ice cream sandwich (with sprinkles), vegan blueberry lavendar scoop, and non-vegan sticky toffee ice cream scoop.

It was all delicious! And my daughter really enjoyed her classic vegan ice cream sandwich that she didn’t want to talk to no one until it was finished!

As you can see, this is our new favorite ice cream shop in downtown Orlando! 

Vegan Baked Goods – Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL

Whenever we are in Florida, I always try to go to the Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs . My parents live nearby (like less than 10 minutes without traffic!) and I always enjoy going to Disney Springs, even when I was attending college at UCF and it was called “Downtown Disney” back then!

Since it was Christmas Eve, we decided to venture to Disney Springs to see the Christmas trees and lights.

And of course to go to the vegan bakery!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a vegan and gluten-free bakery, in which the only nuts they use in their yummy baked goods is coconut. So if you have a tree nut allergy, please be aware of this.

Since there was a wait for going into the bakery due to COVID-19 precautions, I was able to decide on which yummy vegan treats I was going to order for my daughter.

It’s hard to leave the store without buying everything, so I told myself that my limit is 3 items for that visit.

And before I was able to get a bite, my daughter was already enjoying the ice cream sandwich, which had yummy coconut ice cream between two delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Also, I ordered my daughter a cinnamon sugar donut (for next day’s breakfast) and a vanilla cupcake for an anytime dessert!

My daughter loves the treats here and so even though the baked goods are pricey, just seeing my daughter smile and enjoy something allergy-free from this bakery is totally worth it!

From My Family To Yours- We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

And as we go into a new year, please be safe!

Vegan Asian Dessert, Khao Lod Song – Snackboxe Bistro in Atlanta, GA

Today, my daughter tried fresh khao lod song, which is an Asian dessert from the Laotian street food spot in Atlanta called Snackboxe Bistro.


According to a quick google search, the dessert contains “delicious vibrant worm shaped food is made out of rice flour and pandan. The green glowing dessert is drenched in salted coconut milk and caramelized syrup.”

Snackboxe Bistro informed me that most of their desserts are vegan, in which they use a lot of coconut milk. Check them out if you want to try some delicious vegan desserts from Laos!