Easter Treats

Happy Easter!

This year’s Easter celebration seemed to come fast this year (or we have just been so busy with life). Thankfully when I was doing our weekly grocery run at our local Trader Joe’s yesterday there were plenty of vegan, dairy-free, nuts-free, seafood-free, and egg-free goodies to purchase for my daughter.

For my daughter’s Easter basket, I bought the Oat Chocolate Bars and the Spring Gummies. When I was at the Trader Joe’s checkout, the cashier asked me if I ever had the Spring Gummies because they were her favorite and reminded her of the Mott’s flavored fruit gummies. I replied that I have not had these Trader joe’s gummies, but my daughter enjoys the Mott’s gummies so I was happy that she will like these too. Also, my daughter rotates her plant-based milks with oat milk, so I was excited when I saw these oat chocolate bars!

Here are the ingredients for the Spring Gummies and Oat Chocolate bars:








Overall, this year’s Easter basket was a hit with the allergy-friendly treats! I also added a kid-friendly, non-toxic Disney Princess nail polishes set…..I cannot believe how my 4 year old princess is growing up so fast!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Valentine’s Day treats

Who else spent some of their weekend doing Valentine’s Day preparation for the Monday holiday? 

For Little Miss’ classmate, we put the yummy @YumEarth organic Vitamin C pops in super cute @Disney Valentine’s Day cards.

Then, we constructed her Valentines box, repurposing my husband’s Nike sneaker box and cutting out different sizes of heart to place on the box with heart stickers.

On Sunday, we baked delicious heart-shaped sugar cookies by @SweetLorens and topped them with my daughter’s favorite @RealDuncanHines cream cheese frosting  (It’s dairy-free, vegan, and allergy-friendly) and red sugar sprinkles.

Overall, it was a very productive weekend in preparation for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

I won! YumEarth x Abe’s Giveaway

Last month I entered the YumEarth x Abe’s Giveaway on the @YumEarth and @abesmuffins Instagram pages.

When I received a DM a few days later following my entry, I was so excited to learn that I won! @YumEarth and @abesmuffins are a few of my favorite vegan and allergy-friendly companies. I absolutely love their products and share them with my daughter who enjoys the muffins, new brownies, lollipops, and Giggles.

The giveaway package arrived right before Christmas; however, I physically received them early in the New Year since we were traveling for the Christmas and New Year holidays

. The two boxes were full of yummy goodies:

It was a lot more of goodies I expected in the giveaway, so a BIG THANK YOU to YumEarth and Abe’s Muffins. My daughter and I are enjoying all the goodies!




Yummy Christmas Candy

What is your favorite Christmas candy?

Mine is the classic candy cane. And when I found these @YumEarth candy canes, I was so excited to share my favorite holiday candy with my daughter.

She is still getting used to hard candy, but I do not have to worry about any food allergy reactions with these candy canes.

Have you tried the YumEarth candy canes?

Halloween Goodies 2021

   It’s almost Halloween and we are ready with the allergy-friendly candy: @YumEarth lollipops and candy corn & @EnjoyLifeFoods  assorted chocolate!

The Halloween @YumEarth lollipops will be distributed to my daughter’s PreK class for their “Fall Party”. And, I am so excited about the candy corns since they usually have egg whites, but now these allergy-friendly ones do not! Candy corns are my favorite Halloween candies, so now I can share them with my daughter! I bought these @YumEarth goodies from Whole Foods. Make sure to scan your QR code if you are shopping there in person and a Prime member!

I also ordered these @EnjoyLifeFoods assorted chocolates from Amazon! Mine and my daughter’s fave is the Rice Milk Crunch bar! 

What goodies will you be passing out this Halloween?

Oat Frozen Dessert

Another product I was excited to see at our local Whole Foods Market is Oatly frozen dessert.

I selected the strawberry flavor since my daughter enjoys eating fresh strawberries.

She liked it!

Even more with an allergy-friendly cone!

I tried the “ice cream” too and it was creamy and full of strawberry flavor! I usually buy the chocolate coconut ice cream and mango sorbet, both from Trader Joe’s. But I will definitely buy this oatmilk ice cream too!

Have you tried this oatmilk frozen dessert?

Valentine’s Day

Since my daughter has multiple food allergies, her preschool allows me to bring her treats when there is a holiday party! For Valentine’s Day, her toddler class was planned to have heart-shaped cookies, so I made sure that she did too!

Thank goodness for Sweet Loren’s cookies.

I usually buy the chocolate chunk ones, but since we cannot bring anything chocolate to the preschool, Sweet Loren’s had other options.

I did get fancy by shaping the cookies into hearts.

Also, I used some leftover homemade ube butter from Bakers_Hatt to add to the vegan cream cheese frosting to make ube cream cheese frosting for the heart-shaped sugar cookies, topped with allergy-friendly sprinkles!

My daughter enjoyed her cookies at school and at home!

Also, I had fun putting together Little Miss’s Valentine’s card box and cards/gifts for her classmates and teachers.


We hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

National Milk Day

It’s #NationalMilkDay

So what does one drink if they are allergic to cow’s milk?

Here isĀ  what we have in our pantry for our daughter who is allergic to dairy. And I personally drink Oatmilk from Trader Joe’s.

Pictured here:

My daughter’s preschool allows coconut milk to be brought in as a dairy-free alternative for her lunches and snacks. Good thing my daughter loves coconut and rice milks! Some milks are better unsweetened and we try to get the enriched kinds just so that my daughter can ingest more vitamins and minerals. We also offer oat milk to my daughter. But since I usually drink oat milk at home (and she usually wants to drink some with me) I want to give her another milk at school. We alternate between these milks every week so that my daughter doesn’t get tired of drinking her dairy-free milk while at school.

What’s your favorite dairy-free milk?

Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting

This weekend I was so happy when I was at Publix! It was BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) for the Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings.


As a food allergy mom, I always check labels and try to find brands that are allergy-safe for my daughter who has various food allergies. Duncan Hines cake mixes and frostings have been a life saver for me since my daughter has had the taste of an allergy-friendly cake and now has a sweet tooth, like her mommy!

And my daughter occasionally asks for “cake cake” and wants to help mommy make the cupcakes.

Also, since she is one of the few kids in her preschool class who has food allergies, I am allowed to bake and bring a cupcake for her when they have a party, i.e. holiday pajama party last Friday before her holiday break this week.

So, it is always convenient to have the Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting on hand.

A few of our favorite cake mix flavors include: Pineapple Supreme, Strawberry Supreme, and Confetti. And favorite frostings include: Creamy Vanilla and Cream Cheese.

But always make sure to check the labels because ingredients for brands can change!

Check out a recipe blog I wrote back in September when I made vegan pineapple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!