Happy Thanksgiving!

For the Thanksgiving holiday this year, my brother and I made our traditional American Thanksgiving lunch at our parents’ home in Central Florida.

I made a fresh green salad with fresh pear strips and calamansi (Filipino tiny oranges) vinaigrette, vegan cornbread stuffing (see the product post) and vegan sweet potato casserole (see recipe post). And my brother cooked an organic turkey and lechon kawali (Filipino fried pork belly). All dishes were safe for my daughter with food allergies, minus the desserts. She actually had a yummy slice of a vegan gingerbread loaf for her dessert.

Then, the next day my family went to my in-laws’ house, which is about an hour away. 

This feast was not all allergy-friendly, so I had to make sure my daughter didn’t grab something she shouldn’t eat. But, her grandmother is well aware of this, so she made my daughter’s favorites: homemade Filipino eggrolls (no eggs though in the wrapper), Filipino pancit (noodles), white rice, and sweet potato casserole. Also, our uncle made coconut milk-based desserts which she also enjoyed.

Overall, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in Florida this year as always. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well!


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