Vegan Baked Goods – Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL

Whenever we are in Florida, I always try to go to the Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs . My parents live nearby (like less than 10 minutes without traffic!) and I always enjoy going to Disney Springs, even when I was attending college at UCF and it was called “Downtown Disney” back then!

Since it was Christmas Eve, we decided to venture to Disney Springs to see the Christmas trees and lights.

And of course to go to the vegan bakery!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a vegan and gluten-free bakery, in which the only nuts they use in their yummy baked goods is coconut. So if you have a tree nut allergy, please be aware of this.

Since there was a wait for going into the bakery due to COVID-19 precautions, I was able to decide on which yummy vegan treats I was going to order for my daughter.

It’s hard to leave the store without buying everything, so I told myself that my limit is 3 items for that visit.

And before I was able to get a bite, my daughter was already enjoying the ice cream sandwich, which had yummy coconut ice cream between two delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Also, I ordered my daughter a cinnamon sugar donut (for next day’s breakfast) and a vanilla cupcake for an anytime dessert!

My daughter loves the treats here and so even though the baked goods are pricey, just seeing my daughter smile and enjoy something allergy-free from this bakery is totally worth it!

From My Family To Yours- We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

And as we go into a new year, please be safe!

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