Birthday Dinner – Be Our Guest, Disney World @ Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL

Another spot we had reservations while spending the day at the Magic Kingdom was at

Be Our Guest

Our dinner reservation was at 625pm right before the park closed, so I was glad we could end the magical day with a delicious meal.
The main ballroom where we were seated at was just beautiful!
After we were seated at our table, Chef Armando had a chat with me about what he could customize for an allergy-friendly meal for my daughter and I to share. I was pleasantly surprised with the alternatives since I was told beforehand by a vegan blogger that they did not have a good experience at this spot.
I think since we talked to the chef, he was able to tell me what he could customize to keep my daughter safe from her allergens.
For the appetizer, he made the French Onion Soup vegan with no cheese topping and added vegan croutons. Surprisingly, my daughter really enjoyed this soup! And, she didn’t want to share our appetizer with me!

I ordered the Grilled Center-cut Filet Mignon as our shared allergy-friendly entree. It came out with “clean” green beans and carrots (just with salt & pepper). I think my daughter was so full from the French onion soup that she didn’t eat much of the entree. Her portion was more food for me, so I enjoyed the steak and veggies for the both of us!

For dessert, the chef said it would be too tricky to alter ingredients because my daughter had multiple allergies (dairy, eggs, peanuts, and seafood). So, he asked if a fresh fruit bowl would be okay. Good thing that my daughter loves fresh fruit! And she really enjoyed the large strawberries and grapes on the dessert plate.

I was able to enjoy the not allergy-friendly charcuterie appetizer and bread plate with my husband. And for dessert, the beautiful (not allergy-friendly plate) had the yummy grey stuff! I didn’t know what to expect, but the dessert was both pretty and yummy!



I forgot to mention earlier, but after you order your meal you are allowed to check out the two other rooms. I was happy to see that each table was properly social distancing from each other and if you were not eating while at your table, everyone was required to wear a mask while you are up walking around the restaurant.

And we got to see the Beast himself twice!
Overall, it was another enjoyable pre-birthday celebration at Disney for my daughter!

I am glad we still went, despite the ongoing pandemic and such. Hopefully next year we do not have to wear masks, but I know I will still be a germaphobe and an allergy mom!

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