Birthday Lunch – The Crystal Palace @ Disney World Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL

This weekend we celebrated my daughter’s pre-birthday Disney celebration at the Magic Kingdom.
It definitely felt different being at Disney this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and having to wear a mask at all times (when not eating and stationary). However, the park was capped at 35% capacity so we were able to ride more rides this year due to the smaller crowd! Also, my daughter saw her favorite Disney characters from a balcony show and character cavalcade.
And I was a germaphobic and an allergy mom prior to COVID-19, so I still made sure to carry many wipes and clean our hands and arms after each ride and before we ate or drank. Yeah, I’m that mom!
This year instead of a character breakfast, we had lunch and dinner reservations at the Magic Kingdom.
For lunch at The Crystal Palace, the helpful chef came out and discussed with me the food allergy accommodations on the lunch menu. And my daughter really enjoyed her allergy-friendly prime rib and garlicky veggies (green beans and roasted potatoes) entree. I shared this meal with her and I am glad that I did because that was a huge prime rib!
In fact, all the portions were larger than we thought a lunch meal would be so we were pleasantly surprised with all the food we happily ate. And my husband finished what was left of the delicious prime rib plate.
My husband ordered the Crispy Fried Chicken dish. And our friends who joined us for lunch got the Blackened Catfish & Shrimp and Country Fried Cauliflower meals.
For dessert, the chef delivered to my daughter and I a beautiful allergy-friendly strawberry shortcake. And it was so delicious that my daughter almost finished it!
And for the not allergy-friendly desserts, there was this beautiful assorted dessert plate:
We really enjoyed the Crystal Palace for lunch and we plan to go back soon!
See below for the post about our dinner reservations  at Be Our Guest.

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