Easter Treats

Happy Easter!

This year’s Easter celebration seemed to come fast this year (or we have just been so busy with life). Thankfully when I was doing our weekly grocery run at our local Trader Joe’s yesterday there were plenty of vegan, dairy-free, nuts-free, seafood-free, and egg-free goodies to purchase for my daughter.

For my daughter’s Easter basket, I bought the Oat Chocolate Bars and the Spring Gummies. When I was at the Trader Joe’s checkout, the cashier asked me if I ever had the Spring Gummies because they were her favorite and reminded her of the Mott’s flavored fruit gummies. I replied that I have not had these Trader joe’s gummies, but my daughter enjoys the Mott’s gummies so I was happy that she will like these too. Also, my daughter rotates her plant-based milks with oat milk, so I was excited when I saw these oat chocolate bars!

Here are the ingredients for the Spring Gummies and Oat Chocolate bars:








Overall, this year’s Easter basket was a hit with the allergy-friendly treats! I also added a kid-friendly, non-toxic Disney Princess nail polishes set…..I cannot believe how my 4 year old princess is growing up so fast!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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