Halloween Goodies 2021

   It’s almost Halloween and we are ready with the allergy-friendly candy: @YumEarth lollipops and candy corn & @EnjoyLifeFoods  assorted chocolate!

The Halloween @YumEarth lollipops will be distributed to my daughter’s PreK class for their “Fall Party”. And, I am so excited about the candy corns since they usually have egg whites, but now these allergy-friendly ones do not! Candy corns are my favorite Halloween candies, so now I can share them with my daughter! I bought these @YumEarth goodies from Whole Foods. Make sure to scan your QR code if you are shopping there in person and a Prime member!

I also ordered these @EnjoyLifeFoods assorted chocolates from Amazon! Mine and my daughter’s fave is the Rice Milk Crunch bar! 

What goodies will you be passing out this Halloween?

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