I won! YumEarth x Abe’s Giveaway

Last month I entered the YumEarth x Abe’s Giveaway on the @YumEarth and @abesmuffins Instagram pages.

When I received a DM a few days later following my entry, I was so excited to learn that I won! @YumEarth and @abesmuffins are a few of my favorite vegan and allergy-friendly companies. I absolutely love their products and share them with my daughter who enjoys the muffins, new brownies, lollipops, and Giggles.

The giveaway package arrived right before Christmas; however, I physically received them early in the New Year since we were traveling for the Christmas and New Year holidays

. The two boxes were full of yummy goodies:

It was a lot more of goodies I expected in the giveaway, so a BIG THANK YOU to YumEarth and Abe’s Muffins. My daughter and I are enjoying all the goodies!




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