Little Miss Is 5 years old!

This weekend we celebrated our daughter’s 👋🏼 birthday! And at school, she had a mini bday party during snack time with her PreK friends!
Since we were in CA in the prior week, Little Miss opted to stay home for her birthday over the weekend. We honored her requests for a homemade taco bar for lunch and @make_it_ranis ‘s yummy spaghetti for dinner. I also made her favorite strawberry cupcakes with “cream cheese” frosting. Everything was allergy friendly for her, too! I also bought a vegan chocolate cake with a candle since Little Miss has been asking for a store-bought cake…I want to say that she does not want me to make her a cake, but I really know that she wanted her own store bought birthday cake like her friends get for their bdays. 🥹 I am relieved to know that @rubiconbakers cakes are vegan and safe for Little Miss, so I got the cake from @sprouts 🎂
For Little Miss’ school party, I packed her allergy friendly strawberry cupcake, while I brought mini cupcakes for the class. We also provided organic @sunberryfarms juice boxes and veggie straws from @traderjoes  We packed Minnie Mouse goodie bags for her preK friends, which each bag contained Disney character twist straws, pop-it keychains, bendable straws, and strawberry @madegoodfoods crispy squares. 😋

Check out the reel for this post!
Overall, Little Miss enjoyed all of her birthday celebrations this year! Stay tuned for a reel from her early party at Disneyland last week.
Time is definitely flying and Little Miss is growing up so fast!