National Milk Day

It’s #NationalMilkDay

So what does one drink if they are allergic to cow’s milk?

Here is  what we have in our pantry for our daughter who is allergic to dairy. And I personally drink Oatmilk from Trader Joe’s.

Pictured here:

My daughter’s preschool allows coconut milk to be brought in as a dairy-free alternative for her lunches and snacks. Good thing my daughter loves coconut and rice milks! Some milks are better unsweetened and we try to get the enriched kinds just so that my daughter can ingest more vitamins and minerals. We also offer oat milk to my daughter. But since I usually drink oat milk at home (and she usually wants to drink some with me) I want to give her another milk at school. We alternate between these milks every week so that my daughter doesn’t get tired of drinking her dairy-free milk while at school.

What’s your favorite dairy-free milk?

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