Valentine’s Day

Since my daughter has multiple food allergies, her preschool allows me to bring her treats when there is a holiday party! For Valentine’s Day, her toddler class was planned to have heart-shaped cookies, so I made sure that she did too!

Thank goodness for Sweet Loren’s cookies.

I usually buy the chocolate chunk ones, but since we cannot bring anything chocolate to the preschool, Sweet Loren’s had other options.

I did get fancy by shaping the cookies into hearts.

Also, I used some leftover homemade ube butter from Bakers_Hatt to add to the vegan cream cheese frosting to make ube cream cheese frosting for the heart-shaped sugar cookies, topped with allergy-friendly sprinkles!

My daughter enjoyed her cookies at school and at home!

Also, I had fun putting together Little Miss’s Valentine’s card box and cards/gifts for her classmates and teachers.


We hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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