Yes, Fish Sauce is Delicious!

What is Fish Sauce? Read this informative Bonappetit article regarding how fish sauce is made and why it is used. 

Fish sauce is definitely a necessity that my husband and I use when we cook meals here! I have tried the Red Boat brand, but honestly I do not believe it’s all the hype for the price. My husband and I prefer this Megachef Premium Fish Sauce:


This fish sauce is all natural, no added colors, no MSG, no preservatives, and everything we would want in a fish sauce!

Interestingly, my daughter’s recent allergy tests showed that she is allergic to fish, some species more than others. However, she can tolerate fish sauce in her food, especially when I add it in one of her favorite Filipino dishes- chicken arroz caldo. Don’t worry! I will post a recipe for chicken arroz caldo soon.

P.S. Food allergies are so weird. 

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