Allergy-friendly eggs – Turmeric & Greens Scramble

When we found out that my daughter was allergic to eggs, I was not sure how to add more protein in her diet. However, I am glad she is not allergic to soy because I learned how to make “egg scrambles” using tofu.


Surprisingly, my daughter loves the Turmeric & Greens Scramble I prepare and have on hand in the freezer for breakfast. I do feed my daughter her breakfast before I drop her off for preschool because I want to make sure she eats something in the morning. Also, it’s one less meal I have to worry about that she eats at school.

The Turmeric & Greens Scramble contain tofu, chopped greens like organic kale or spinach, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), garlic salt, turmeric, & ground pepper.

First, I add the EVOO to the pan. Then, sometimes I sauté the greens (chopped kale or spinach) in the pan first with the garlic salt seasoning. Here I threw in the chopped tofu first. It doesn’t really matter what you throw in the pan with EVOO first because both ways you season the tofu and greens with garlic salt, turmeric, and ground pepper. All seasoning (garlic salt, turmeric, and ground pepper) are to taste, but I wouldn’t use more than 1 tablespoon of turmeric in this dish. Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant spice and it gets activated by black pepper. Read more about turmeric here.  And the turmeric provides a nice yellow color for the “egg” scramble.


After mixing all ingredients in the pan, I allow the scramble to cool before I place them in the storage pods for the freezer. These storage pods are helpful freeze food for my daughter so I have it ready during the school week. After the food is frozen, I pop out the food pods and place them in a Ziplock bag to store in the fridge.

My daughter eats this with chicken sausage, her Minnie Mouse waffles, toast with jam, etc.

Have you made an allergy-friendly scramble?

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