Hot Chocolate Cookies – Vegan & Allergy Friendly

It’s Christmas in 3 days and I was feeling festive when I googled “vegan hot chocolate cookies.” I wanted my toddler to enjoy the season, even though this week she is at home (her preschool is closed this week due to the holidays) and I have been working non-stop!

So when I googled “vegan hot chocolate cookies”, I found Purely Kaylie’s  delicious recipe. And the end product was delicious and did not take very long to make! I did have to modify recipe: I only used 1 cup of sugar and no vanilla extract since I didn’t have any. Also, I had miniature marshallows, so the cookies looked different from the  recipe blog post.

I even added some crushed candy cane dust in my second batch to add more color and flavor to the cookies!

Overall, the cookies turned out delicious and the recipe was easy to follow in less time!


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