Baked Egg Challenge

This week we went back to the allergist, after my daughter had her 6 months food allergies follow-up appointment last month. At that visit, it was determined by the blood test that my daughter would be able to have a baked egg challenge. Also determined by the blood and skin tests, she is still highly allergic to cow’s milk, all nuts (except coconuts), and seafood (however, she is able to eat shrimp, but still gets itchy and redness).

I was very happy that we qualified for the baked egg challenge. And it was fun to bake the allergist’s “Baked Egg Challenge muffins”. The recipe yielded 6 muffins, but I ended up making 7 muffins even though I filled each muffin cup with batter. Before the challenge, the allergist commented that they looked so fluffy and moist!

It was interesting to me that the recipe called for corn oil. I think that attributed to the moistness of the muffins and also taste similar to cornbread. In this receipt, it called for 2 eggs. I made sure I measured everything precisely so that my daughter’s challenge will go well the next day! 

We arrived a few minutes before our 8:30am appointment and I made sure we brought my daughter’s tablet, coloring books, and crayons. I told it was going to be about a 4 hour appointment so I wanted to make sure my daughter would be entertained during the challenge.

 The challenge started promptly on time and my daughter did well after eating a 1/8 piece of the muffin. Then, a 1/4 of the muffin. And then, a 1/2 of a muffin.

And then, she was given one whole muffin, which we cut into 1/4 pieces so she can easily eat it.

My daughter ate almost 1/4 of the whole muffin, but then started getting irritated, itchy, and red on her face and her arms. The allergist examined her and said that she did great! The goal of the challenge was to eat 2 whole muffins and my daughter ate about 1.5 muffins, which is her tolerance for baked egg.

 To soothe the redness and irritation, the allergist gave my daughter some Benadryl and Zyrtec. She even applied some vanicream on the redness spots on my daughter.

Then, we waited for another hour in the office to make sure my daughter did not have any other reactions.

I was pleased at the end of the baked egg challenge. Now, I make sure to give my daughter at least 1 whole muffin a day, just so she is exposed to baked egg. And in 6 months when she gets her blood and skin tested again for food allergies, she will hopefully not have an egg allergy anymore!

After the challenge I tasted the muffins and they actually tasted really delicious. Don’t worry! I plan to share the recipe in a future recipe post. 

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